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A brief overview of Marketing

A brief overview of Marketing As we know, marketing is the promotion of products and services. There are four main components of marketing, as we call the four P's: product, promotion, price, and place. We use the four P's in marketing to make decisions and plan out strategies to help us conversate with our customers. It's important for a company to begin by having a vision as well as a business strategy. Once those have been established, they can then proceed towards filtering out their target market.  Marketers can be looked at as the "opposite" of sale representatives. A sale representative will try to give their customers reason towards buying a product that the company made. Marketers, on the other hand, look directly into what a customer wants or what they might need. After finding out what customers are missing, they come up with a product or service idea, and continue towards the development of that product/service. While doing so, it's important to mi