A brief overview of Marketing

A brief overview of Marketing

As we know, marketing is the promotion of products and services. There are four main components of marketing, as we call the four P's: product, promotion, price, and place. We use the four P's in marketing to make decisions and plan out strategies to help us conversate with our customers. It's important for a company to begin by having a vision as well as a business strategy. Once those have been established, they can then proceed towards filtering out their target market. 
Marketers can be looked at as the "opposite" of sale representatives. A sale representative will try to give their customers reason towards buying a product that the company made. Marketers, on the other hand, look directly into what a customer wants or what they might need. After finding out what customers are missing, they come up with a product or service idea, and continue towards the development of that product/service. While doing so, it's important to minimize who the customers are, that way any communication can be directly transmitted to them. This helps a company fulfill their target markets wants and needs through the four P's. From there, the product is made and advertising is now reaching a specific target market. Within the marketing industry, digital marketing is a field that is expanding and growing as technology expands. This field is great to look into to help grow small or even large businesses through SEO optimization to grow brand awareness and drive sales. 


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