Implementing Offsite SEO

 What is Offsite SEO? 

Contrary to Onsight SEO, where you optimize your website from within, Offsite SEO is focusing on optimizing your website outside of the website itself. Both Onsight SEO as well as Offsight SEO are equally as important to implement and work hand in hand to secure the success of your website. Offsite SEO are techniques to include to make it easier for search engines to find your website by increasing the authority, relevance, and admiration. In return, this will increase your page ranking, the number of visitors your attracting to your website, and the number of conversions. 

1) Link Building: Link building is the process of acquiring high-quality links back to your website to help authorize your website through Google, and to make easier to find for your audience. These links are referred to as backlinks which will help Google authorize your website and factor it as real and reliable, rather than spam. A useful example to creating a backlink are blog posts that include a link referring back to your website where it may emphasis on a piece of information mentioned in the blog. Relevancy of content is important in this scenario. Another example is posting on social media sites. A critical key point is making sure you contain a variety of backlinks, meaning don't contain all your backlinks on one form of platform, rather have multiple. 
2) Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing could help optimize your website as an Offsite SEO strategy. Promoting your company and linking back to your website on multiple social media platforms will not only be considered a backlink, but it will also help drive your audience towards your site as a trusted source. It's also a useful way to connect with your customers directly and build connections.
3) Guest Posting: Guest linking is one of the most effective link building strategies. This is where you can write relevant content on a reliable guest website, which will then in return help build your websites authorization. This will drive a large number of visitors to your site who are in search for relatable content, which can improve your ranking status. 

Although both Onsite and Offsite SEO strategies are important and work hand in hand with each other, research has found that implementing strong Offsite SEO strategies has a high correlation to building your website ranking on search engines according to Keap


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